The Responsight Partner Program has been designed to offer rewards to help increase opportunities for our partners to attract new clients into long term business relationships.


“As a Australian cyber security organisation, Shearwater is always interested in working with the local cyber security ecosystem to find innovative Australian solutions to difficult cyber challenges. ResponSight provides a unique approach to analysing user behavior through a mix of enhanced AI/Machine Learning and endpoint hardware profiling techniques. This approach is able to benefit clients directly and to enrich data within our own Advanced SOC operation.”
Shannon Lane

Chief Strategy Officer, Shearwater

“Partnering with ResponSight made perfect sense for our company to take our security offering to the next level, as it gives us an ability to offer better risk measuring that goes beyond traditional security solutions. We see a lot of value in this strategic partnership with ResponSight that will enable our team to provide a holistic security solution to customers. As demand for cyber risk solutions continues to increase across Australia, ResponSight is an ideal partner for SIEMonster to bring differentiated solutions and services to customers. Combining the depth and breadth of visibility of SIEMonster and the meaningful data science of ResponSight will continue to reshape and disrupt the cyber risk landscape.”
Chris Rock

CEO and Founder, SIEMonster

“The Missing Link were asked by one of ‘the big 4’ banks to partner with ResponSight on a specific security project. The ResponSight solution excelled and we have a great working relationship with their team. We now consider them a tier 1 partner of ours and they feature regularly in our security strategies for our banking, finance, legal and government clients.”
Aaron Bailey and Sam Marshall

CISO and CTSO, The Missing Link

Becoming a Partner

We have uniquely structured our partner program to support and reward our partners for their efforts and introductions to new prospects and customers.

Responsight wants to make it easier for our partners to generate high value and margin through a new revenue stream of professional services, and increase its strategic cyber security practices and offerings to its customers.  ResponSight’s Channel Partner Program enables partners to offer streamlined preventative security solutions to help build their reputations as trusted business advisors.


A collaborative and coordinated approach is the key to stopping today’s breaches. Responsight was built from inception to be open and extensible, so our customers and partners can easily expand their existing security solutions to stop breaches in real time. ResponSight provides a unique approach to analysing user behavior through a mix of enhanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and endpoint hardware profiling techniques.

Partnering with ResponSight can further enhance your existing security offerings with an early warning risk intelligence and business decision making tool.


Managed  Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can leverage Responsight to offer their customers an early warning risk intelligence and business decision-making tool. Using data science and an innovative approach unlike any other, ResponSight aims to provide actionable risk insights and intelligence that complements existing technologies and supports board/executive strategic decision making.

These partners provide ongoing, outsourced security services to their clients via security operations centers (SOC).

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Value-added resellers can market, sell, and deliver security solutions that scale fast and leverage the Responsight early warning risk intelligence solution.  Designed to offer rewards to help increase opportunities for resellers to attract new clients into long term business relationships, the program will offer partners incentives, in-depth training, certification and enablement programs as well as professional services opportunities.

Apply to become a partner


  • Discounts for those that achieve specific goals right from the first sale
  • A variety of partnership options that align with partners’ expertise and go-to-market plans, including joint marketing and selling, referral agreements and reseller agreements
  • Training and enablement certifications for a comprehensive understanding of ResponSight’s technology and emerging solutions to reduce risk
  • Co-marketing support and lead generation