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ResponSight is a new approach to early breach detection

Every user has a behavioural fingerprint –  that is, a unique, nuanced way they use their own computer. Behavioural fingerprints can be monitored to detect malware and attackers, who don’t behave the same way as a typical end user. ResponSight’s behavioural analytics monitors usage and detects non-users sooner, where others still fail.

Security breaches are happening every day, every hour. The costs of a security breach are high and complex to measure – but they all increase the longer they remain undetected.

Investing in detecting security breaches as early as possible allows your organisation to take control. Internally, minimise the financial and strategic impact of the breach, and act to block weaknesses in organisational defence. Externally, limit any impact to your customers, decide how you notify the market of the breach and act to minimise the impact on your organisation’s reputation.

Detect Breaches

The behavioural fingerprints of endpoint users are generated from an individual’s  “normal” behaviour over time.  When something or someone new is active, a possible breach is flagged.

Be Alerted

Profiles ensure the usual “noise” of security monitoring technologies are eliminated. Incident responders can prioritise and focus on alerts.

Respond Rapidly

Timely and relevant alerts allow rapid response.  Incident responders can clearly identify priorities for attention and rapidly clarify response procedures.


ResponSight integrates with your existing security technology, adding strength to your defences.

Taking a totally different, yet perfectly aligned, approach to understanding the realities of organisational security led the expert team at ResponSight to create this unique approach to Behavioural Fingerprinting.

Understanding and monitoring end users’ behavioural fingerprints creates a new line of defence and allows attackers to be quickly detected and alerts despatched.

Stolen or guessed credentials

Attackers may have the correct credentials to enter your network, but they won’t have the same behavioural fingerprint as the genuine end user. ResponSight can detect when the “wrong” user is on the endpoint, before traditional methods notice anything.

Early detection

Average time taken to detect a breach was a little over 6 months in 2015, and many breaches are never picked up at all. ResponSight provides an early warning system which takes detection back to minutes, hours or days rather than months – or never.

Phishing and malware

Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated in their strategies for tricking your users into giving them access to your network. Users will keep clicking links, and endpoint “take over” occurs without triggering many current technologies.  Security has moved beyond signatures, and organisations must too.

Rapid response

The early warning of a potential breach, combined with integration into your existing security technologies allows incident response teams to focus and prioritise efforts.


“We need technologies that detect breaches inside valid, authorised activity, where others are failing.”

— Security Administrator, Multinational Banking and Finance


“With so many endpoints in our business, ResponSight will cut down the alert noise generated by our existing tech.”

— Security Administrator, National Government Agency


“ResponSight would have detected me, when standard enterprise security tech didn’t.”

— Specialist Security Tester, USA critical infrastructure

For breach detection done differently, in a scalable and cost effective way

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