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Proactive Early Warning Risk Intelligence

By using ResponSight’s behavioural analytics solution you will be able to monitor desktop and laptop use, and be able to profile user behaviour and measure real-time enterprise risk, all without collecting private or sensitive information – giving you confidence that your people are really your people.

ResponSight is an early warning risk intelligence and business decision-making tool, providing risk insights long before current and legacy technologies such as EDR/UEBA and SIEM are aware anything is going on.

Start your 60 day no-risk evaluation today to get insights into:

  • Proactive, early detection – Be in control earlier, resolve breaches faster
  • Faster response times – Make sense of your security threats and help your staff focus on more valuable, strategic tasks
  • Greater visibility – Risk and security monitoring that learns what doesn’t belong
  • Increased Effectiveness – Enhancement to existing security software