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ResponSight is a data science company focusing specifically on the challenge of measuring risk and identifying changes in enterprise/corporate networks using behavioural analytics.

While traditional systems actively search for threats, ResponSight’s approach focuses on monitoring user behaviour and machine activity. ResponSight performs analytics using activity metrics and statistical data to determine a behavioural fingerprint. Only when behaviour differs from expected is the alarm raised.

ResponSight was founded out of frustration with current and legacy security technologies.  For too many years, large enterprises (and the security vendors who protect them) have focused on finding needles in haystacks – a piece of malware; an unauthorised app; a user installing questionable software or visiting the wrong website.  Blocking/preventative technologies continue to fail in real world scenarios, as the “bad actors” find multiple ways to get around the controls.

ResponSIght collects data that is difficult to manipulate.  We build activity contexts, using only statistical/numerical data and never collect or require personal/private/sensitive data.  This unique approach makes ResponSight a complementary technology that supports existing investments and provides greater insights to both technical and business stakeholders.

Responsible Disclosure

What Is It?

ResponSight supports Responsible Disclosure – if you find a weakness or vulnerability in our technologies or this website, we’d like to hear about it. You can report these findings under the disclose.io “good-faith security research safe harbour”.  You can read the core terms here.  The information you provide will be used to remediate issues, and protect our customers and partners by ensuring our offerings are not contributing to the problems of growing risk and insecurity.

Please only use this form for responsible disclosure notifications.  Any other content (partnering/recruiting/marketing) will likely be caught by our automated filters and could result in blacklisting.  Thanks for understanding.

Please complete the form with your Responsible Disclosure information. We’ll review and reply within 2 business days.


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