Risk and security monitoring that learns what doesn’t belong

Be in control earlier; notice risk shifts sooner

Set priorities; enhance existing security and tech investments

ResponSight is a new approach to real-time enterprise risk visibility

Every user has a behavioural fingerprint –  that is, a unique, nuanced way they use their own computer. Behavioural fingerprints can be monitored to detect when something changes and risk increases, when the user just isn’t behaving like they usually do. ResponSight’s behavioural analytics monitors usage and detects non-users sooner, where others still fail.

Security breaches are happening every day, every hour. The costs of a security breach are high and complex to measure – but they all increase the longer they remain undetected.

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Why ResponSight?

Enhance Existing Security Investment

Leverage your existing investments by utilising ResponSight as a truly advanced early warning system. Operating where others continue to fail, ResponSight provides contextual intelligence so your existing investments in SIEM and analytics can set actionable priorities.

Communication to the Board

Actionable insights that allow the Board to set strategic priorities.

Get Greater Visibility

Get greater visibility of risk over your devices in the field as well as in the office. ResponSight lets you securely monitor activity outside the network by comparing user behaviour, without collecting private or sensitive data. Increase trust, reduce risk.

Priced to Match Your Needs

Sick of unappealing pricing models trading off FUD? There’s a new option for enterprise risk. ResponSight’s pricing is transparent and fair, using only what you need, when you need it. Flexible pricing models designed to provide predictable budgeting for immediate, short and long term requirements.

Key Verticals:

Banking and Finance

Financial services companies are particularly vulnerable with personal data, banking details and other sensitive information at risk of harming your customers – and your brand reputation. Traditional systems make policy hard to enforce when device visibility is limited.

Professional Services

Professional Service firms are particularly at risk with consultants working offsite and connecting remotely. A lack of device visibility increases risk, putting client data and other sensitive information at risk of harming your customers – and your brand reputation.


Government bodies are a prime target for breaches and disruption. Whether it be via external or internal threats, if the wrong people get access to the data that government departments have, the potential damage to the general public is massive. Likewise the damage to the trust in that government department.

Why Risk Profiling?

Visibility and Transparency

Actionable Priorities

Leverage Current Investments

Reduce & Focus Workloads